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Project Description
A small utility to provide a nice interface for managing multiple servers over the iLO interface.
Currently tested on iLO Version 1 & 2 (may possibly work with newer), with a main focus on version 2. If you would like me to include support for more recent versions, please let me know and if there is sufficient demand i will add the support :)

Currently supports:

  • Power on/off/reset
  • UID light on/off
  • Telnet control
  • SSH control
  • Diagnostic info on the system, - whats inside, temperatures etc.

Coming soon:

  • Logs maybe
  • Other iLO features
  • Blade Commands {i dont own a blade rack unit yet so cannot test}
  • Group management {havent even looked at this yet}

More information on iLO for HP Servers Click Here

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